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Synthetic Oil Change + MOA + 44K


High Mileage

Synthetic Oil Change + MOA



Synthetic Oil Change


Conventional Oil Changes Packages Are Available.

Tire Services

Wheel Alignment

Adjust the position of your wheels so they are aligned and parallel to each other. This will increase the life of your tires.


Brake Service

A flat tire can usually be repaired. We’ll be happy to get you up and rolling again.


Tire Rotation and Balancing

Rotating and balancing your tires will increase tire life and reduce vibrations from uneven contact with the road.


Recommended Services

Air Filter

Clogged air filters can reduce your gas mileage and horsepower.

Cabin Air Filter

Cleans the Air being circulated in the passenger compartment. This is the air you’re breathing.

Coolant Exchange

Protect cooling system components and Prevent Major engine damage.

Battery Replacement

Don’t let a dead battery keep you at home or stuck on the side of the road.


Starting System Inspection​

We use a modern analyzer to make sure your battery still holds an adequate charge.

Tire and Brake Inspection ​

Your safety depends on reliable brakes. Brake pads eventually wear down and need to be replaced.

20 Point Inspection

We will preform a detailed Inspection of your vehicle to ensure your safety.

Check Engine Light Service ​

The Check Engine Light can indicate any number of problems with your engine.

Inspection Services

Maryland State Inspection​

RELIANCE Auto Repair Services is proud to be an authorized MD state inspection station.


Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection​

Bumper to bumper comprehensive evaluation with high quality photos.


Emissions Inspection

Improve your vehicle’s likelihood of passing your official state inspection.


Preventative Maintenance

30,000 Mile Maintenance​

Adhere to your manafucaturer’s scheduled maintenance plan for 30k mileage.​

10% OFF

60,000 Mile Maintenance

Adhere to your manafucaturer’s scheduled maintenance plan for 60k mileage.​

10% OFF

90,000 Mile Maintenance​​

Adhere to your manafucaturer’s scheduled maintenance plan for 90k mileage.​

10% OFF

100,000 Mile Maintenance​

Adhere to your manafucaturer’s scheduled maintenance plan for 100k mileage.​

10% OFF

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